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We Gobble Gobble Gave!!

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We Gobble Gobble Gave!!



What a beautiful, sunny day we were blessed with this past Thanksgiving 2016! Our hearts were gushing with love and gratitude as we gathered the children from the spacious lot where Gobble Gobble Give was being held. The kiddos served a plentiful Thanksgiving meal to those in need restaurant style. The kids ranged from toddlers to teens and they roamed around to make sure the less fortunate had plenty of coffee, turkey, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie and more than you could even imagine. The children were so happy to help and it was such a pleasant experience for them to give a helping hand on Thanksgiving morning!
But this wasn’t the end of this amazing day. We had a lively booth set up where the children joined in on the fun! We had arts and crafts set up where the kiddos could paint on our “LOVE” canvases provided by our beloved friend, Portia Davenport, an independent artist who so graciously donated her time to help us create the beautiful artwork that was painted by over 30 kids who visited the booth. The painting will be auctioned off and the proceeds will be put towards the Wee Souls Scholarship Program. We also had drums, tambourines, healing crystals, hula hoops, and of course, yoga mats set up to create an enchanting experience for any and all children and families who stopped by! Beyond our booth, there were stations set up for donated clothes, free haircuts, free phone calls, a drum circle, live music, dancing, and food that kept flowing in from restaurants and companies who decided to donate last minute from all the positive publicity and exposure (thanks, Facebook Live). There was plenty to give and more!
This was truly a moving and magical day, not only for the ones receiving, but for the ones giving as well. I am truly grateful to have been apart of Gobble Gobble Give 2016. It made my heart happy to make the days’ of the ones who needed it the most. One of the most eye-opening experiences I had was when I was helping the children deliver the meals restaurant-style to the less fortunate sitting at the tables. Hearing the gratitude in their voices just for being served a meal is something that they don’t or haven’t received in a while and they were in awe to receive special treatment. Life happened to them, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve respect. It is so important to treat them as we would anyone else because after all, they are still people. The lesson I gathered was that we, as a society, need to learn to be not so quick to judge others and their situations because life happens to all of us. Whether its during the holidays or not, its always nice to give a helping hand to the ones in need!

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