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What might the future look like?

//What might the future look like?

What might the future look like?

What might the future look like if we were to take serious action in raising socially responsible children? How beautiful to empower our youth to take root in positive efforts to be the change desperately needed on our planet. There are no greater gifts of soul than to have empathy, love, compassion, and connection with those whom we share this vibrant life. And helping others helps our kids to connect with themselves! Bonus beauty!

Deep gratitude to local grassroots campaigns that gift of their time to assist our communities to thrive. They are a wonderful resource in finding a niche where contributions are most needed. Start here first. Volunteering in your own community enlightens your child to what’s happening in their immediate sphere. Many of these small organizations have groups on social media that you can reach out to and join. Blessings in your search to make a difference. Your actions, however small, move our world toward evolution.

One of our own local grassroots organizations in Las Vegas, #ServingHopeLV, (you can follow them here: ) provides an opportunity for children to be involved with helping those less fortunate.

Many thanks to Siloh Moses for all you do.

A brilliant site that highlights children and how they are making huge differences:

For more ideas and information on how you can get your children involved in volunteer work, check out our Community Service board on Pinterest:

Be a part of the Wee Souls Wellness Movement! Attend our workshops and classes! Volunteer at one of our events! Make a difference in the life of a child! Come play with us! Visit our events page.

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